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“So when i first came to Karina’s class i was a bit scared as i had never done yoga before and being heavily pregnant ( 20 weeks) , it was really good as I was able to calm my fears, work on the whole breathing techniques, camel scooping. And working on getting your partner to learn some massage techniques to help you, all came in handy when I had the birth. I would really recommend it I still keep in touch with a few friends I made in class.“
Carolyn, Pregnancy yoga classes.
“I started attending the class at 14 weeks until birth at 38 weeks. The classes are very reasonable and I would recommend spending money on this rather than on NCT classes. Karina is a brilliant teacher.”
Tamara, New Barnet, Pregnancy yoga classes.
“When Karina told me to put one hand on my heart and one hand on my belly and breath, feeling the connection between my baby and I , I started crying silently and somehow realized that the connection was all I needed – I would be enough.”
Jade, High Barnet, Pregnancy yoga classes.
“I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to have a calm and confident birth. Karina is an amazing teacher and taught me everything I needed to know including breathing techniques, exercises and affirmations that enabled me to have a very relaxed labour and birth.”
Rachel, Potters Bar, Pregnancy yoga classes.
“It’s been really amazing, a great way to start exercising, to tone up your stomach muscles, basically all over because you feel so unfit after having a baby and also its good for my little boy’s interaction ( he is 9 1/2 months now ), we started coming when he was 4 months. It has been really good, and great to meet other mummy friends as well and to actually see the joy in his face from playing and singing along and actually to be able to do yoga moves over him and he loves it.
Caitlin, Mother and Baby yoga classes.
“I saw the Baby yoga on Facebook and was intrigued as I had never really done yoga and i wanted to meet other mums, so I thought I would give it a go. So I started in February, it was very nerve racking walking in, but it was ok, Karina made me feel really relaxed and welcomed and my little girl loved it and was taking it all in. She was being really nosey and looking around and then I had a chat with other mums and I thought ok, they seem to be on the same wave length as me. And yes so I have been coming ever since , learning more yoga as i have gone along and making new friends which has been a godsend to have other people in my area to go out with and my little girl loves it.

My body feels so much better, to begin with it was knackering after the first session, i woke up the next day aching and I didn’t really feel we had done a lot! But since then my body feels a lot better, its getting stronger, I feel a lot more confident and sometimes using my little girl as a dumb weight at times is quite tiring. My little girl is now 8 months and we have been coming for 5 months now.”
Mother and Baby yoga.
“I enjoyed the class enormously & it definitely helped my body recuperate, it left me with a great sense of balance emotionally & physically. The class also gave me the chance to spend some time really connecting with my baby without the chaos of family life around & in a very supportive environment, it was a true oasis.”
Mother and Baby yoga.
My son was 7 1/2 months and he just wasn’t sleeping he was waking up every 2-3 hours, sometimes every hour depending on the week.

He really used to feeding as a way to go to sleep. And I had to find a way to stop that. After coming to the workshop it was so useful to have a step by step guide on how to help him self soothe and learn to do that.

The first night it was hard, you have to stick to your guns and stick to the programme. But the next night he slept through and woke up once, cried for a few minutes and went back to sleep on his own. So it was almost instantaneous. It was having these steps and knowing what to do was perfect.
Our life has changed completely!

The workshop gave me the confidence to know we could stick to a programme that worked. We could ask questions and I know that it had worked with other people.
Tamsin, New Barnet. Sleep workshop.
“We had be trying for a while and i was feeling despondent and fed up. After attending the course I realised that what had been lacking was some space and time to be me, to be by myself, to relax and to have some me time which was really important. It was really great to meet other people who were also trying. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this programme.“
Kate, Yoga 4 Fertility client