Mother and Baby yoga taster session - March 2018


Mother and Baby Yoga

This postnatal class is suitable from when your baby is 6 weeks to walking. The class is a oppurtunity for you to start to stretch and exercise post labour. The immediate fog of motherhood maybe slowing lifting, and this is a good time to start to go out and meet other new mums. This class is designed for both mother and baby, incorporating postnatal stretches to help strengthen the back, close the abdominal recti, relieve tension in tired, stiff shoulders. With some interaction through massage and songs for mother and baby.  In a safe ,friendly and welcoming group. .

See timetable for venues - classes are held on Tuesdays 1pm, Thursdays 11am and Fridays 10:30am. In Totteridge, High Barnet & Potters Bar.

I enjoyed the class enormously & it definitely helped my body recuperate, it left me with a great sense of balance emotionally & physically. The class also gave me the chance to spend some time really connecting with my baby without the chaos of family life around & in a very supportive environment, it was a true oasis.

Viparita karani

A restoration pose we use at the end of each class, a blanket can be placed under the pelvis for additional support. Great for circulation, digestion, calming the mind and tired legs.

Postnatal exercise

Starting to become more active postnatally is really important not only for the body but also for the mind. No previous yoga experience is necessary. The class will meet you where ever you are that day


As a mother of two very loud and active children, I bring into my teaching empathy towards new mothers and the tiring and some times rocky journey that first year can seem. By creating a friendly fun and supportive group I hope to make this new journey for you somewhat easier.

The class was so friendly & I ended up with a lovely group of friends who have been instrumental in helping us settle into the area. Karina has a very strong & nurturing presence & this comes through in the yoga – I always
floated home after the class feeling nurtured, peaceful & blessed out.