Women's Hatha Yoga


Yogasisters Hatha yoga class is a mixed level class that is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis, the class will meet you at the level you are at today. A dynamic and vigorous class that will challenge your mind and your body, building confidence and strength. Routed in my Ayuryoga, Bikram, Hatha and Iyengar training I mix up styles depending on the requirements of my students.

As a complete yoga novice I find Karina supportive and encouraging whatever your level of fitness and expertise.
hatha yoga barnet

The class is comprised of yoga sequences, various salutations, focusing on upper body one week and strong backs the next. Different meditation techniques are explored and rejuvenative pranayama (breathing exercises) are practiced. Always ending in a final savasana - relaxation to allow the body to digest and absorb the experience of your yoga session.


Karina has a very special approach which marks her style out from other classes I’ve attended. Perhaps it’s her ability to empathize and relate yoga to your needs.
I attended both the ante natal and post natal classes, and found that each offered valuable tools for coping with the life changes experienced during those special times.
I’m now attending the women’s class and it provides a relaxing space to stretch, clear the head and still the mind in an otherwise busy week. What a treat!

St Marks, 56 Pearson close, New Barnet, EN5 5HY