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Yoga for Fertility client


Yoga for Fertility is a 12 week programme which incorporates, Birthlight's Well woman fertility training with my knowledge of Ayurveda as a diet and lifestyle consultant.

This is a small group with a maximum of 5 clients - on a 12 week programme.

Wednesday 8:30-9:30pm - The next course starts SEPTEMBER 2018 -

Come and try a taster 1-2-1 session.

I learnt how stress affects my body and how to combat this. I also learnt what my body needed inorder to fall pregnant.

Do you feel negative emotions each month that get you down when your period is the last thing you want to see? Is the constant focus of watching your cycle putting pressure on your relationship. Do you put yourself down and compare yourself to others and dread hearing about pregnancies and babies?

These can all be really common reactions when you are trying to conceive, joining this programme helps you to manage these emotions, acknowledge these emotions and most importantly to not be alone on this journey.

I think the small group helps you to be able to talk about problems and learn how to deal with them
yoga for fertility

This programme is designed for women who have been struggling to get pregnant. The focus is on relaxation to reduce stress in the body, working on mobility in the whole of the spine through restorative poses, stimulating the endocrine and lymphatic systems with yoga sequence flows.

Combining this with a focus on diet and lifestyle practices. So that you can feel healthy and energized and positive about conception. The first 6 weeks we focus on cleansing the body and the final 6 weeks on nurturing and nourishing.

I am so grateful to have joined the programme
as I am so happy that I was part of the group, as I fell pregnant whilst attending.

Yoga4Fertility Programme


Please read the Terms and conditions when booking. My success rate is very high so if you conceive during the programme, it is necessary to complete the payment plan, as it has been spread into instalments for your convenience.