Kitchari diet only for Kings & Queens!

Kitchari diet only for Kings & Queens!

7 day clean for 2017 - detox for those who really want to clear out their system, fire up their digestion and energizing the mind & body, to head into 2017 feeling strong and healthy! Ready to face your best year yet!

What does it involve?

5 days of Kitchari diet for all 3 meals ( Kitchari literally means 2 grains, it is a lentil and rice dish made with vegetables to suit your constitution.) ( Rice and spices included)

5 days of Triphala, a bitter powder made up of 3 fruits, main detoxifying herb used in Ayurveda. Removes toxins, regulates the bowels, detoxes the liver, purifys the blood and improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients in the body. A genius herb if ever there was one! (included)

5 days of ginger tea 20mins before each meal - to fire up the digestion. (included)

Daily yoga prompts.

2 days supply of CCF tea - coriander cumin and fennel tea -  balancing for your constitution, creates clarity, eliminates toxins, good for menstruation.

3 hour yoga workshop n Barnet, North London.